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Tiny Tails requires a First-Time-Customer Non Refundable Deposit of $25 to be paid at the time of making your appointment. An invoice will be sent to your email after making the appointment. This is only required for your first visit at Tiny Tails to insure your appointment time and will be used towards the total amount of the service being provided when paid in full on the day of your appointment.

Dog Haircut
Chihuahua Bath


Time for a New 'do!

Every Hair cut will include a private appointment for a bath with top of the line shampoo and conditioner; as well as a brush out, expressing of glands, nail filing, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. when your dog leaves my salon they will be happy and smelling great!


Just to clean the pup up!

No hair trimming is included in this package, but it does include all of the other essentials. The bath package will include shampoo, conditioner, nail grinding, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and gland expression. If it's not quite time for a cut or your pup doesn't get hair cutting this is the service for you.


Dogs, cats, and bunnies!

If its time to get your pets in for nails but don't need any other services, don't worry! Book an appointment today. It is usually just a 10 minutes service. Have a bunny or a cat that needs their nails done? I can get them into tip top shape too!

Animal Kingdom




If the only service you need is a nail trim have no worries.  You can book an appointment for just nails and get in and out within 10 minutes!

If you are a first time costumer and have a question about cost please text me a picture of your pet in their current condition and estimated weight. 916-838-7177

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